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The Anglo-Saxon Superiority (ASS) movement has a long sordid history in the United States, and it is high time we rid ourselves of its foul stench.

If advocates of ASS want to force us to recognize their unique contributions to American culture, then it stands to reason that we eliminate…

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As I watched various news outlets cover the ousting of Liz Cheney from her leadership role in the Republican Party, there appeared a reluctance to call it what it was. Many Democrats believe the Republican Party is engaged in “infighting” that will work to the Democrat’s advantage in the future…

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Jesus debated with the Jewish leaders of his day over what he believed were hypocrisies, and here I am arguing with the Christians of my day over one of their hypocrisies. …

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On April 28th, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott had the unenviable task of giving the Republican Party’s response to President Biden’s first public address before a joint session of Congress. …

For shame, Noel, as now you are out and out lying, which is unbecoming a religious calling toward truth and revelation.

First, the entire New Testament was written in Greek and not Aramaic.

Second, you are pulling out of your you know what the claim that Joseph in Matthew is Mary's father and not Joseph the husband as it clearly states. This is to make the narrative work for you when it clearly doesn't work.

Third, if Matthew gets the story wrong, then the Bible is not a divine source of knowledge and it is all questionable.

Your faith has blinded you from even the possibility of striving for the truth, which is sad.

Got other fish to fry so moving on.


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An article in the Atlantic “What It Means To Be Spiritual But Not Religious” (1/11/2018) shared a brief analysis of the popular American trend toward spiritualism and away from organized religions and churches. According to the article, a whopping 64 million of us, one in five, currently self identify as…

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In this argument, I address a contradiction between the beliefs of contemporary Christians in contrast with what Jesus is reported to have communicated according to the New Testament of the Bible (KJV). Jesus debated with the Jewish leaders of his day over what he believed were hypocrisies, and here I…

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Warning: The reader may be deeply saddened by the following, as the genuine regret that the Trump supporter shares in this article, stemming as it does from heartfelt grieving and soul searching over the harms of the past four years, is therefore fictional. …

Trump’s homicidal deceit regarding coronavirus pales next to the Republican Party’s refusal to act to curtail global warming.

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Bob Woodward’s new tell-all book, Rage, revealed specific evidence that Trump knew about the severity of Covid-19 (C-19) before it ravaged our nation, so far killing over 250,000 and sinking our economy. Not only did Trump willfully withhold information that he knew would save lives, but he also actively lied…

The leaders of Right Wing Militia groups pretend to be defending our Constitution against tyranny. Some even carry copies to their gun toting protests. It would serve them and the rest of us well if they would take the time to read the first paragraph of the document.

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Earlier this…

Reverend Andy

College lecturer of philosophy and comparative religions. Environmental ethicist. Ordained and reverent reverend. Let’s tell the truth…

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