What ever your LSD experiences are, they are not religious. I taught comparative religions for 30 years and at no time would we confuse a person’s acid trip for any of the World’s religions, including those that use mind altering practices or substances. Religions at least have some of the following in common: A respect for spirits, ancestors, gods, and demons; Core myths; Established rituals; A belief in life after death; A code of conduct or moral order; And followers.

Spiritual maybe, but I doubt that too.

How about poetic, since more than one poet has expressed similar sentiments even though no drugs were involved?

Mostly, I wonder why you need to categorize acid trips in these terms at all. You became pleasantly high on a drug and had what psychologists would refer to as a euphoric oceanic experience. So have I, but I never felt the need to label it as anything but that. People justifiably smirk when one says they got high and talked to god because, well, of course…

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