You don’t have to speculate about the camel allegory, as the point clearly was to explain to Jesus’ disciples why he just told a man to sell all of his possessions and follow Jesus if the man wanted life everlasting(Matt 19:16–22). The next line is “That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

The problems come when people cherry pick lines out of context. Jesus meant what he said, and clearly said what he meant. Elsewhere he said you can’t follow God and mammon, for then you would have two gods instead of one. Jesus told his disciples when they travelled to leave everything and plan to live off the charity of others.

Jesus clearly believed that clinging to wealth and possessions got in the way of religious piety. Any ambiguity is created by impious Christians who are rationalizing because they want it both ways, which is clearly un-Christian. That is, if to be Christian is to follow the alleged teachings of Christ as found in the New Testament.

That said, I don’t buy that Jesus was such a great spiritual teacher. He damned his enemies to everlasting fire. He damned a fig tree and made it shrivel up and die for not having a fig when he wanted one, even though it was out of season. And, if he was really God on Earth, why not make a fig machine and eat a fig.

Jesus painted ALL of the Jewish leaders of the day with one ugly brush as if they were all hypocrites. His allegations against them never came with any actual evidence of any wrongdoing by anyone. He was the theological version of FOX news of their day, but going after Jewish religious leaders instead of Hillary and Democrats.

By the way, the Dali Llama also isn’t so great in my book, as he leads an oppressive Medieval religion. In the West there is a Hollywood romanticism surrounding him, but it’s not so great once you do a little research. Tibetan Buddhism is very sexist, and it encourages horrible punishment to rid bad karma similar to a Medieval Catholic monk’s self flagellation to rid sin.

Maybe the closest I’ll get to being Christ like is imagining him set an everlasting torch to wealthy right-wing fundamentalist Christians.

Just saying.

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